Land Launches Senate Bid

June 4, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Terri Lynn Land

“Whenever anyone talks about what’s important to them, it’s about being able to have a job, being able to have an economy that works, and being able to provide for their families. I mean, that’s number one: no doubt.”

—Terri Lynn Land, Candidate for Senate, on her campaign priorities

Former Michigan Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land is the first major Republican to enter next year's U.S. Senate race. Land, a GOP National Committee member, says the party needs to get a jump on the campaign now, because it takes time to raise the money needed to run for the Senate. And the Republican nominee will need to keep up with Democratic Congressman Gary Peters, who appears to be the lone candidate for his party's nomination. WDET's Pat Batcheller asked Land why she's getting back into politics. Click on the audio link above to hear the conversation.

Land doesn't have a web site yet, but you can follow her on twitter

Photo Courtesy of Terri Lynn Land