Pay Too Much For Car Insurance? Here's One Idea To Cut Rates

May 22, 2013

Photo Credit | Joseph DePalma - Flickr

“Right now under our system, a person with a DUI and a good credit score would get a lower rate than someone with a poor credit score who’s never had an accident…and so that alone would suggest that the system is broken and that this is the wrong criteria for Michigan.”--State Representative Thomas F. Stallworth III

A state lawmaker from Detroit says most car owners in the city don’t carry insurance, but those who do pay the highest premiums in the nation—$5,000 a year on average. Insurance industry critics blame a practice they call redlining, in which premiums are inflated based on things like a driver’s credit score. Thomas Stallworth III chairs the Detroit Democratic Caucus in the State House. He and his colleagues are calling for reforms as lawmakers consider changes to the no-fault system. He spoke with WDET's Pat Batcheller. Click on the audio link above to hear the conversation.

Learn more about Rep. Stallworth and his proposed no-fault reform here

Photo Credit | Joseph DePalma - Flickr