Pristine Prehistoric Hunting Site Found in Waters of Lake Huron

April 30, 2014

By J. Carlisle Larsen

Photo Courtesy of the University of Michigan

“These structures if they existed on land would have long since been destroyed by farming and construction and the fact that they’re under water has preserved them—almost like a kind of Pompeii—in the sense that everything is left pretty much the way people left it.”

—John O’Shea, University of Michigan Curator of Great Lakes Archaeology

A 9,000 year old hunting site—similar to a modern-day deer blind—has been found nearly 50 miles off-shore in Lake Huron. Using sophisticated mapping technologies, archaeologists were able to find the site in near pristine condition. John O’Shea is an archaeologist at the University of Michigan. He’s one of the researchers who discovered the site. O’Shea tells WDET’s J. Carlisle Larsen that the hunting habits of prehistoric humans helped researchers find the underwater site.

Photo Courtesy of the University of Michigan