Survey Shows Key Opinion Differences Between Americans, Canadians When It Comes To The Great Lakes

April 21, 2014

Photo Courtesy of NASA

“Our neighbors in Ontario were much more concerned about hydraulic fracturing—16 point differential—had far more concerns than Americans do about wind energy. Interesting because there has been substantial development of wind in—across Ontario over the last ten years, and a lot of policy controversy there.”

--Professor Barry Rabe, University of Michigan

A consortium of U-S and Canadian universities has conducted one of the largest surveys in decades...on the health of the Great Lakes. More than one thousand residents of the Great Lakes Basin participated in the study. Barry Rabe (RAYB) is a Professor of Public Policy at the University of Michigan. He presented the findings of the survey last week in Washington D-C. Rabe tells WDET’s J. Carlisle Larsen that the survey showed some significant differences in opinion between Americans and Canadians.

Photo Courtesy of NASA