Invasive Stink Bugs Could Wreak Havoc on Ontario Crops.

April 15, 2014

Photo Credit | Hannah Fraser

“In 2010—which was a really big year for stink bugs in the mid-Atlantic, the populations were pretty, pretty high—the apple crop alone lost 37-million dollars in the mid-Atlantic. So, that’s just one crop in one year, and that’s substantial.”

--Hannah Fraser, Entomologist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture

Ontario’s government is drawing attention to an invasive species of insect which has been known to cause severe crop damage. Brown marmorated stink bugs came to North America from Asia sometime in the 1990s, and have been exploding in population ever since. Hannah Fraser is an Entomologist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture. She tells WDET’s J. Carlisle Larsen that there are several types of stink bugs, but not all of them cause damage.

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