Columbus Discovers Detroit Is Worth Saving

April 10, 2014

"There needs to be a recognition of the suburban areas around Detroit that everybody's in this together."

Mike Coleman, Mayor of Columbus, Ohio.

What’s happened to Detroit could happen to other American cities facing financial crises. That’s why one U.S. mayor says he’s willing to help Detroit get back on its feet. Mike Coleman is the mayor of Columbus, Ohio, which now has a larger population than Detroit. He wrote a guest commentary in the Detroit Free Press Wednesday explaining why other cities should help Detroit recover. WDET’s Pat Batcheller asked Mayor Coleman to elaborate. Click on the audio link above to hear the conversation.

Read Mayor Coleman's guest commentary in the Freep

Here are some facts and figures comparing Detroit and Columbus (Source: 2014 World Almanac and Book of Facts):

Estimated 2012 city population/national rank:
Detroit 701,475 (18th)
Columbus 809,798 (15th)

Estimated 2012 metropolitan population/national rank:
Detroit 4,292,060 (14th)
Columbus 1,944,002 (32nd)

Unemployment rate (2012):
Detroit 18.6%
Columbus 6.2%

Per capita income:
Detroit $40,009
Columbus $40,188

Average commute:
Detroit 26.6 minutes
Columbus 20.7 minutes

Average home price:
Detroit $53,800
Columbus $136,500

Percentage of families below poverty level:
Detroit 31.1%
Columbus 16.6%

Stanley Cups:
Detroit 11
Columbus 0