Detroit Park Caught In Middle Of Bridge Fight

March 12, 2015

By Pat Batcheller

"We want the federal government on notice that we have strong concerns and that we are opposed to any transfer of the property into private hands."

Rashida Tlaib, Sugar Law Center.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s office has denied rumors that he’s made a deal to transfer Riverside Park to the owners of the Ambassador Bridge. The city, the Detroit International Bridge Company, and residents have fought over control of the park the last few years. Former state lawmaker Rashida Tlaib has tangled with bridge owner “Matty” Moroun many times. She has started a petition asking city, state, and federal leaders to protect Riverside Park. Tlaib tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller it’s the only park in Southwest Detroit with access to the river. Tlaib is an attorney with the Sugar Law Center, which represents the group Friends of Riverside Park.

WDET has contacted the bridge company and awaits a response.

Read Rashida Tlaib's petition here: