Ford's Lions Legacy--Lots Of Desire, Little Success

March 10, 2014

Photo from Detroit Lions web site

"Look at the numbers: still no Super Bowl berth, one playoff victory."

Free Press columnist Drew Sharp.

Those who knew Detroit Lions owner William Clay Ford, Sr. say he wanted nothing more than to win a Super Bowl. But in the 51 years he owned the team, the Lions won a single playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys in 1991. Detroit Free Press columnist Drew Sharp tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller that Ford was a good man, but history will not be kind to his tenure as the Lions’ owner. Click on the audio link above to hear the conversation.

Read Drew Sharp's remembrance of William Clay Ford here

Lions facts:
Team record under William Clay Ford, Sr.: 311 wins, 443 losses, 14 ties.
Number of NFL playoff appearances: 11
Number of Division championships: 3
Number of NFL playoff victories: 1 (1991, vs. Dallas Cowboys)
Number of head coaches Ford hired: 16 (most recently Jim Caldwell in January 2014).