Detroit's Top Techie Deals with Cyber Security Breach

Monday, March 3, 2014

The malware attack locked several files, including two containing the personal information of around 1700 current and former employees with Emergency Medical Services and the Fire Department.

Beth Niblock is the city’s new Chief Information Officer. She says she’s found no evidence so far that any of the personal information has been disclosed.

“The malware locks files indiscriminately. It doesn’t know what it’s doing. It doesn’t know the nature of the information in the files. And really the purpose of that is just to really lock the files and make it inaccessible. It’s kind of like getting your car booted. It’s just ... the boot’s on the car.”

Niblock says the malware likely came from an employee who simply clicked the wrong link in an e-mail.

She says the city is notifying workers who have been affected.