Roads Sales Tax Proposal Puts Hackel And Other Local Leaders In Tough Spot

February 11, 2015

By Pat Batcheller

"It's not looking promising for this to pass, and if it doesn't, where do we go next? What's Plan B?"

Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel.

Michigan voters will decide in May whether to raise the state’s sales tax to seven percent. Most of the new revenue from the increase is supposed to fix roads and bridges. State lawmakers left the decision to voters when they approved the ballot issue at the end of last year. They also put local leaders in a tough spot. Local officials risk the wrath of taxpayers if they support the question, and could lose badly-needed road funding by opposing it. Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller he doesn’t like the way lawmakers handled the matter. Click on the audio links above to hear the conversation.

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Road Conditions for Macomb County 2005-2013. Source: Michigan Transportation Asset Council