Hantz Group Makes Major Land Purchase for Urban Forest

The Hantz Group has purchased almost half a million dollars’ worth of land from the city of Detroit.

The land purchase, made last week, is part of the Hantz Group’s continued effort to create an urban forest.

Mike Score is the president of Hantz Farms, a subsidiary of the Hantz Group. He says the land is located between Van Dyke Avenue, Saint Jean Street, Jefferson Avenue and Mack Avenue.

“We currently own about one third of the property in the square mile, and the rest of the property is privately owned. So, we’re buying the un-managed properties within the square mile. And when we’re done, everything will be managed, and it’ll be cleaner and safer.”

Score says the company is currently working on clearing the land.

He says they’ll plant 15,000 trees in the area beginning in mid-April.