Study Shows Healthcare Costs Higher for Severely Obese

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A new study shows healthcare costs are significantly higher for the severely obese.

The report was compiled by the Ann Arbor-based Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation.

Marianne Udow-Phillips is the director of the center. She says the study looked at patients who are insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

“We wanted to look at a combination of information about obesity in Michigan to really compare what people are saying on health risk assessments with what they’ve experienced in terms of disease burden through claims data that we had access to,” she said.

Udow-Phillips says there are two evidence-based intervention procedures for the severely obese: bariatric surgery and intensive behavioral therapy.

She says the study also found that both moderately and severely obese people said they are very motivated to change, if they have the right tools.