Michigan Water Affected by Nutrient Loading

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has released a report that says the state’s water is suffering from an overabundance of nutrients, known as nutrient loading.

The report says nutrient loading in Michigan waters is caused by runoff from agriculture and raw sewage overflows.

Dan Wyant is the director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

“Our water quality in Michigan has improved significantly from 50 years ago. It doesn’t mean we still don’t have issues. This report … again … recognizes that we have to continue to be diligent in managing those issues. But this report is really putting some focus on nonpoint source pollution controls and managing our waste water treatment so we don’t get these raw sewage overflows,” he said.

Wyant says the report helps pinpoint where time and resources need to be spent.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality releases its water quality report every other year.