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  • Dec 07

    Making Sense of Money - The Craig Fahle Show

    WDET's Nichole Christian talks with Dorethia Conner, a financial coach and founder of MoneyChat,a weekly twitter conversation that has become popular for entrepreneurs and families with difficult questions about money.

  • Nov 30

    A Southwest Detroit Memoir - The Craig Fahle Show

    WDET's Nichole Christian talks with author Mary Minock about her new book, "The Way-Back Room: A Memoir of a Detroit Childhood," a memoir set in southwest Detroit. Minock, a Madonna University professor, takes an unflinching look at what it was like to come age in one of Detroit's most colorful neighborhoods in 50s and 60s.

  • Nov 16

    Balancing Detroit's National Image - The Craig Fahle Show

    WDET's Nichole Christian talks to Marge Sorge and Dave Lingholm, on The Craig Fahle Show, about The Detroit Regional News Hub's successes, and challenges, in trying to help national journalists bring balance to their coverage of Motown. The HUB is three-years-old this month.

  • Nov 09

    Reconciling Race in Detroit - The Craig Fahle Show

    WDET's Nichole Christian is joined on The Craig Fahle Show by Akua Budu-Watkins, one of the nine members of the new Metro Detroit Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Racial Inequality. Budu-Watkins,a outreach director for US Senator Debbie Stabenow, is one of two Detroit residents named to the commission. Budu-Watkins also oversaw Detroit's neighborhood city halls under Mayor Dennis Archer.

  • Nov 02

    Deconstructing A Better Detroit - The Craig Fahle Show

    Chris Rutherford and James Willer of the WARM Training Center in Southwest Detroit talk with Nichole Christian, on The Craig Fahle Show, about the economic and social returns of choosing deconstruction over demolition. Rutherford and Willer say Detroit has 60,000 reasons to give their idea a listen.

  • Oct 26

    Demystifying the Detroit Charter Proposal - The Craig Fahle Show

    Detroit Charter Commissioner Ken Coleman talks with Nichole Christian on The Craig Fahle Show about the myths and the facts surrounding proposed revisions to the city's charter. Proposal C goes before Detroit voters Nov. 8th.

  • Oct 19

    Reimagining What It Means to Work in America  - The Craig Fahle Show

    A new national three-day conference, called reImagining Work, pulls into Detroit, October 28th, to take on a tough and timely question: How do communities live and thrive amid "a dying postindustrial economy?'' Conference speaker and veteran community organizer, Frank Joyce previews the weekend and some of the ideas on tap with WDET's Nichole Christian on the Craig Fahle Show.

  • Oct 12

    Dzanc Books' Latest Literary Launch - The Craig Fahle Show

    Dzanc Books, a Westland based independent publishing company, is hoping a new online writing workshop series can help preserve and grow Detroit's literary culture. Dzanc's Anna Clark talks about the new launch with WDET's Nichole Christian on the Craig Fahle show.

  • Oct 05

    Jerry Lindman Talks About Managing Nonprofits Well - The Craig Fahle Show

    Jerry Lindman, Director of Lawrence Technological University's Center for Nonprofit Management, talks with Nichole Christian on the Craig Fahle Show about Detroit's growing nonprofit sector and the challenges of transforming grassroots missions into sustainable models of success. Quincy Jones, Executive Director of the Osborn Neighborhood Alliance, joins Lindman on the show.

  • Sep 28

    Carmen N'Namdi of The Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit - The Craig Fahle Show

    Carmen N'Namdi, retired founder of the Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit, talks with WDET's Nichole Christian on The Craig Fahle show about why she believes current education reforms lack real-world relevance for students and society.

  • Sep 21

    Crusading For A More Mathematically Literate Community  - The Craig Fahle Show

    LaToniya Jones, a math instructor and developmental education department chair at Baker College, talks with WDET's Nichole Christian, on the Craig Fahle Show, about her personal crusade for a more mathematically literate community.

  • Sep 14

    Combating Despair Through Design - The Craig Fahle Show

    As the city gears up for the Detroit Design Festival, eight days of events aimed at celebrating and attracting entrepreneurial creatives, WDET's Nichole Christian talks with Chandra Moore, a California-born young architect who sees bringing innovative design to urban communities as a way to combat despair in Detroit and other cities.

  • Sep 07

    Former New York Times Reporter Remembers 9-11 - Remembering 9/11

    WDET's Nichole Christian was a New York Times reporter during the 9/11 coverage. She shares some of her memories of the moment, the aftermath and 9/11's lasting impact on her life.

  • Sep 02

    The Post 9/11 Legal Landscape - Remembering 9/11

    The PATRIOT ACT, questionable domestic investigations and the dramatic expansion of the national security state will be some of the topics covered by U of M Professor Juan Cole, ACLU National Security Project Attorney Zachary Katznelson, and ACLU attorney Noah Saleh, and discussed how the bounds of law have been stretched in the name of national security in a panel moderated by WDET's Nichole Christian.

  • Aug 31

    The Detroit Fashion Collective - The Craig Fahle Show

    Award-winning independent fashion designer Adriana Pavon talks with Nichole Christian on the Craig Fahle Show about the new Detroit Fashion Collective. DFC is a new incubation and showroom space that will pair designers with the resources and opportunities to manufacture in Detroit.

  • Aug 17

    KIVA Recipient Helps Homeless

    by: Nichole M. Christian

    The Thrive Detroit street newspaper launches in September with an aim of covering and employing the city's homeless and low-income communities.

  • Aug 11

    Discussing Education - The Craig Fahle Show

    What do Detroit's ongoing challenges say about the nation's prioritization of public education reform? Do we need a new model for urban districts? What should it look like? Could it happen in Detroit?

  • Jul 27

    Serving Up Some Social Change - The Craig Fahle Show

    WDET's Nichole Christian talks with the owners of The Sunday Dinner Company, a new downtown restaurant that boasts a menu of southern comfort food and a staff of ex-convicts and senior citizens.