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  • Feb 11

    Corktown Gets a Farmer's Market

    by: Bre'Anna Tinsley

    A new farmer’s market will open in Corktown in May.

  • Jul 17

    Brass Appeal: The Inaugural Crash Detroit Festival Hits Corktown

    by: Travis Wright

    About a dozen renegade brass bands from around the country join the Detroit Party Marching Band for the inaugural “Crash Detroit Music and Art festival.” WDET's Travis Wright has the story.

  • Mar 20

    The Tunes That Almost Cracked Illy Mack!

    by: Travis Wright

    The indie-pop duo Illy Mack has garnered a reputation as one of Detroit’s better live acts. But bandmates Jen David and Steve Kendzorski don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the recording process. They'll release a cassette tape this weekend. But David tells WDET’s Travis Wright that was a bit of an ordeal getting these songs together.

  • Aug 23

    Base Ball Returns To "The Corner"

    by: Pat Batcheller

    That's Vintage Base Ball--the way it was played in the 19th Century.

  • Sep 03

    Spaulding Court Progresses, Plans Octoberfest Party

    by: Rob St. Mary

    There is been an effort underway to rehab a 100-plus year old apartment complex in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. Several units of Spaulding Court have been rehabbed with plans for more in the coming year. To make it happen, there are plans for a party – an Octoberfest. Jon Koller is the President of Friends of Spaulding Court. He spoke to WDET’s Rob St. Mary.

  • Jul 19

    Artist & Band to Create "Other Angels" in Performance

    by: Rob St. Mary

    A special art performance brings a Detroit band and artist together this weekend. The group Rouge Satellites and painter/filmmaker Alice V. Schneider will create a piece they are calling “Other Angels” on Saturday afternoon in Corktown. WDET’s Rob St. Mary spoke recently to Jaye Thomas of Rogue Satellites and Alice V. Schneider about the collaboration.

  • Jun 04

    Can Web Development Redevelop Neighborhoods?

    by: Rob St. Mary

    As City of Detroit officials consider options to improve targeted neighborhoods under the Detroit Works Project… private citizens are considering new ways of using technology to help residents activate redevelopment on their block. WDET’s Rob St. Mary spoke to Jerry Paffendorf of Loveland Technologies – a Detroit based internet firm – about his latest concepts in mapping and information sharing around vacant properties for sale.

  • Apr 23

    Artist Offers "Swagon" to Detroit's Creative Kids

    by: Rob St. Mary

    A Detroit artist and teacher is working with area foundation grants and a new art center to offer a special opportunity to kids in the city. WDET’s Rob St. Mary spoke to Steve Coy – half of the street art collective known as the “Hygienic Dress League” – about his latest effort called “Swagon”.

  • Dec 28

    Corktown's Spaulding Court Rehab Hits Next Stage

    by: Rob St. Mary

    A group in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood has been working over the last few years to redevelop the Spaulding Court apartment complex. WDET’s Rob St. Mary spoke recently to Jon Koller, one of the lead organizers on the project, about the latest developments and plans for 2012.

  • Dec 08

    Detroit Artist Celebrates "Faces"

    by: Rob St. Mary

    A Detroit artist who has been painting for over 25 years is celebrating the release of two new books with an event on Saturday. WDET’s Rob St. Mary spoke to Glenn Barr about his new book, “Faces”, which was theme of solo exhibitions in Rome and Los Angeles earlier this year.

  • Nov 28

    Fashion Designer Starts 2nd Annual Coat Drive

    by: Rob St. Mary

    A Detroit area fashion designer is seeking the community’s help to warm those in need this holiday season. WDET’s Rob St. Mary spoke to Sarah Lapinski about her second annual coat drive which starts today.

  • Nov 10

    "Corktown Cinema" to Rise from the Burton Theatre's Ashes

    by: Rob St. Mary

    The group that started the Burton Theatre in Detroit, which closed this spring, says it’s preparing to broaden it’s effort and re-open in a new neighborhood. WDET’s Rob St. Mary spoke to Nathan Faustyn, Jeff Else and Brandon Walley about the new “Corktown Cinema”.

  • Oct 12

    Warren DeFever's "Cloud Bridge" to Connect Detroit-New York Musicians

    by: Rob St. Mary

    Detroit musician Warren DeFever, best known for his two-decade plus run as the leader of the band “His Name is Alive”, is branching out and bringing some New York musicians to town to perform a newly composed classical piece, this weekend. WDET’s Rob St. Mary explains.

  • Aug 24

    Corktown's Imagination Station Hosts Music Fundraiser

    by: Rob St. Mary

    Arts organizers in two Detroit neighborhoods are coming together this weekend for a sonic fundraiser. WDET’s Rob St. Mary spoke recent to Jeff DeBryun of the Imagination Station in Corktown about a concert this Sunday featuring Spencer Barefield who coordinates the Music in Homes series in Palmer Woods.

  • Aug 04

    Detroit City Futbol League Brings Tournament to Belle Isle

    by: Rob St. Mary

    The second season of the Detroit City Futbol League is coming to an end with a tournament on Saturday on Belle Isle. WDET’s Rob St. Mary spoke to League Organizer Sean Mann about the second annual Copa Detroit.

  • Jul 25

    "Live in Downtown" Incentive Follows Midtown's Lead

    by: Rob St. Mary

    Following the lead of the “Live in Midtown” incentive program introduced earlier this year… five downtown Detroit companies are hoping to lure their employees to the city. Denise Starr is Chief Administrative Officer for Compuware - one of the companies taking part. She spoke to WDET's Rob St. Mary.

  • Jun 22

    Do you see signs of entrepreneurship where you live? - Public Insight Network

    WDET in Detroit is exploring the state of new business in Southeast Michigan.

  • Jun 22

    How is local food impacting you? - Public Insight Network

    Do you see signs of food entrepreneurship where you live in Metro Detroit?

  • Jun 22

    What would bring people back to Detroit?  - Public Insight Network

    The U.S. Census just announced that Detroit's population is at its lowest level in about 100 years - 713,777 people.

  • Jun 21

    Detroiters - what keeps you here?  - Public Insight Network

    What is about it about the city, your neighborhood, your block that keeps you in the city?

  • Jun 09

    Cameras to Shoot Detroit Rock "War"

    by: Rob St. Mary

    Eighteen bands will come together in Detroit on Saturday and battle – sonically, speaking – from two stages at the Lager House in Corktown while the cameras roll. WDET’s Rob St. Mary reports on the making a local concert film – “Urgh: A Detroit Music War”.

  • Jun 03

    Corktown to Host Historic Home Tour

    by: Rob St. Mary

    Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood is hosting a home and garden tour this weekend.