About Us

Detroit's News Station with Great Music on the Weekend

WDET's growing audience reaches more than 150,000 listeners every week in southeast Michigan, northwest Ohio and southwest Ontario. From its on-campus location in Midtown Detroit, WDET creates a mix of news and music programming that is unique as the city and region it serves.

WDET is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to Wayne State University, and has been owned and operated since 1952 to serve in the public interest. The station is also a member of the National Public Radio (NPR) network and broadcasts content from other outlets including American Public Media, Public Radio Exchange, and New York's WNYC.


WDET's schedule reflects the ideas, musical tastes and attitudes that characterize the city and its people. It also propels WDET into the national arena with fresh talk-show formats that give Detroiters a more prominent voice to share their story with the world. This local/national combination enables WDET listeners to feed their thoughts and experiences into the programming and give our region a new voice in the national dialogue.

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As a community nonprofit institution, WDET is actively involved in the life of metro Detroit. The station is the area’s most active promoter of the local music and is one of the few remaining providers of local news. WDET’s role in supporting the city is to share the truth of what the station’s listeners live every day through diverse perspectives, strengthening Detroit’s social fabric and community development by promoting civic and government transparency and accountability.


WDET seeks to:

  • Maintain and expand an outstanding local regional journalism service
  • Lead as a significant regional voice for arts and culture
  • Contribute to the regional vitality by serving as a leader in Detroit’s national and international media presence

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